Life Between the Maple Trees

Spring is here, Summer will soon arrive and the leaves have grown on our maple trees outside. They have dropped their “helicopters” and now starts the fun of removing all the baby trees that will start growing in my flower beds.


I love this time of the year when everything is so green from all the rain and the flowers are blooming their bright colors! Everything feels clean and refreshed and much of my time is spent tending to the gardens.


Whether outside or inside my two little helpers are with me.

My goals for this Summer season are just a few. Here they are in random order.

1. Spend time each day playing outside with the boys, whether at home, the beach, or the park. I want to make sure that they remember their summers growing up as a ton of fun mixed in with hard work.
2. Rearrange my perennials in a more eye catching manner. Stay on top of the weeds in all the gardens.
3. Care for our vegetable garden so that we can have a bountiful harvest. Make salsa and freeze beans are my two largest projects this year.
4. Take time as a family to enjoy the outdoors through camping, hiking, or whatever moves us that day.
5. Start my days earlier so that I can still have a clean home and take care of our needs while enjoying time outside.


This is just a short list. New items may be added as the days roll by, but my main focus is on the few above.
What are your goals or plans for this summer?